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It is essential to develop your unique style.

Black Beauties

Working in multicultural Amsterdam I have been able to provide an international community with the right colours from day one. I can say one thing with confidence: There is also a specific colour styling plan available for you.

The trick is to discover what you can do best for your distinctive identity. One in which you are listened to. One in which you like to be seen. Trueful to your identity and authenticity.

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Business Styling Female

As a woman, you are often judged by your appearance. That shouldn't be the case, but the trick is to remain feminine and still make a powerful statement. That's more than possible. A strong business colour- and styling plan can provide this.

I would like to help you with a distinctive wardrobe in which you feel confident and powerful, but at the same time elegant and beautiful. And you might need some x-tra care (hair, nails, skin) for which appointments will be arranged.

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Couture should be present in every wardrobe. A good couture item is built on your own unique silhouette. A couturier is actually a sculptor with fabrics and he pays attention to every detail to make you shine perfectly with love and dedication. An effective colour- and contrast plan gives direction to the right choices.

Do you think you'll never have an opportunity to wear high couture? Experience shows that the invitation comes naturally.The couturier can also provide and give benefit in a beautiful wedding dress.I would be happy to assist you in your search for the right couturier.

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It may be that you like covering up because of your religion or for other reasons. The closer to the face and shoulders, the more precisely your fabrics, colours and contrasts should be.

Which colours are we going to use? Are you more beautiful with matte or shiny fabrics? Which materials make a nice statement about you? Which jewelry lets you stand out the crowd? A specific colour and styling plan ensures that you will always shine. Even without make-up.

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Hairpieces can offer a solution for special occasions, but sometimes also for a better statement in everyday life. Sometimes you’ll just need a little extra.

During the consultations I will do a face analysis and hair colour analysis to help you out with your personal tools. These provides opportunities for buns, wigs and other enriching and, above all, invisible additionals using synthetic or real hair varieties.

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Choosing the right hat for the right purpose is a very personal choice and should not only match your outfit, but also your face. I would be happy to help you out making the right choices.

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Personal Jewelry

Wearing matching jewelry underlines your own unique styling. A suitable piece of jewelry is recommended for every outfit, but it should be the perfect match with your personal demands and styling possibilities.

It is nice if the showpiece matches your colour- and contrast plan and your unique bone structure. For some outfits I will look at and recommend contemporary designers but sometimes an original antique jewel can be the best match.

The combination of stones, their clarity, their cut and the design all have an effect on the overall colour value and the bigger picture. Blueprint works with skin and eye tone enhancing colours. The effect is enchanting. No makeup is needed.

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Raw chocolate, protein shakes, yoga, dumbbells, vegetarian or flextarier, aerobic training, walking, with or without caffeine, transitional breathing, never having a drink again or just cutting down, ecstatic dancing or a presentation training? The road to fulfillment and transition is an endless journey of possibilities. We are all different and everyone needs a different approach.

In addition to be an attentive to your own personal beauty, it could also be nice to work on your own wellbeing. That is why Blueprint has a holistic approach. This is a bit more than finding your perfect gemstone or putting down the right aroma diffuser. Anyone who is completely happy with mind and body will shine and sparkle. The trick is to find the right boosters and workouts for you. What are your own body, mind and food drivers?

In addition to my own experience as a mother and wife, Blueprint has built up a reliable team of experts and contacts, also as well as through feedback from clients. So if you could use some extra support in addition to your personal colouring and styling, a professional team is on hand.

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You were looking forward to it so much, but it's a big change. If you have just finished the night feeds, all the play dates, homework, haircuts, braces, music lessons, hockey trainings, birthday presents, Saint days or Christmas activities, they start growing like a weed. There is a lot of rules involved and sometimes you are short of time and not enough hands to do the work. You obviously like to keep beautiful and radiant. Well, the good news is, yes you can. 

During my consultations I will make you aware of your personal tools to help you conquer your inner and outer beauty and stand out of the crowd. Also at work. I will help you with an amazing wardrobe in which you not only feel great and can switch into quickly, but also a wardrobe that displays exactly that power and class that you will actually need in all circumstances.

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Personal Tailoring

Personal tailoring is as the two words say strictly personal. Should it be business attire, casual wear or formal? Which lapel will it be, which shapes define who you are and in which fabrics do you feel most comfortable? Which colours and contrasts should we use? What message would you like to portray? A good business statement requires the right customization.

But which shirts should we have to match with that? Where do we ad that little extra? Do you wish something comfortable? Perhaps a linen, tweed or even a lounge jacket? And for ladies there are even more options: Notch Lapel, Shawl Lapel, 3 buttons perhaps, 4 buttons, stand up lapel, no lapel at all. And the accessories. Which will we choose and how will you be wearing them

Every detail communicates something different about you. I would be happy to help you, together with your personal tailor to define the right look and the right colours, contrasts and materials. The overall picture will show you in a unique and strong light. I strive to work in an environmentally friendly and a sustainably manner as possible.

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Youth are of course beautiful. Unfortunately, they don’t often know this at their age. Teenage spots,  do I look more beautiful with curly hair or do I need hair extensions? Are my legs long enough? Is my nose straight enough? Uncertainties are certainly part of growing up, but now that we have Instagram the youth are made even more insecure. Should we all aspire to Hollywood aspirations?

That doesn't seem realistic to me and certainly not necessary. Having spend over 30 years of working around the camera, I can confidently say that no one looks as beautiful as the picture that is shot of him/her in real life. But with your personal colours we can get pretty close to that. Youth consultations are given in two sessions: Session 1: age 12 to 16 years: covering personal colours and skin care (including a small make-up) & Session 2: age 16 to 21 years old: personal style development and life style tips.

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