By presenting in a true and authentic styling identity you or your company will make a reliable statement. If you like to place your higher focus on the new world, it’s more than an obligation to be really truthful. When operating in a field of social responsibility and putting your demands on social change, a sustainable, strong and foremost honest image is highly recommended.

But.. There is a but. 

It will be needing more than preowned or preloved items. Bespoke tailoring for example, special accessories and most all a working, suitable colour-and contrast plan with appropriate fabrics.

Every target group will be needing a different approach. Every online presentation or every presentation to an audience requires a different styling plan.

My team and I are here to help you out on your journey.

With styling, wardrobes and matching colours. Letting you stand out of the crowd. Making the right and honest connections. We are happy to help you reach your goals.

Working method in company:

Mapping out the desired image in accordance with the future activities of your company and aspirations. Drawing up a matching styling and support plan for staff and management. Styling and support when requested.


Working method individuals:

Mapping out your personal goals and desired future. Within these whishes we will check your colours, fabrics and your contrast possibilities and measure your best styling possibilities. When requested mapping out your individual needs like lifestyle coaching, presentation skills, personal tailoring, couture, traveling or other relevant matters.

Follow ups individuals:


When requested you will be provided with a written report. This will contain a personal colour-and styling advise or a business attire advise. Both technical and creative.

Online wardrobe check

It is possible to book an online follow up. According to your preferences and personal goals your current wardrobe will be checked. You will be provided with a list of items that could be useful for the now and the future.

One Year Support

During a year you will be supported in putting together an effective wardrobe in the right colours and materials for both your casual and business wardrobe.

The working method is as follows: a wardrobe designing by a personal wardrobe plan and personal shopping or styling sessions for your casual wardrobe, evening wear, business wardrobe, sports wear and lounge wear. When requested I will provide you with customized support regarding your lifestyle or presentation.

N.B. losing weight is not necessary.