What if there is a plan?

Yes, there was indeed a plan for me and definitely my “Blueprint”.

Growing up in the Museum Quarter and close to the multi coloured neighborhood “The Pijp” , I had an obsession for a true image from a young age.

My family roots consisted of photographers, journalists, painters, tailors and other craftsmen such as seamstresses, shoemakers  (handmade and customized) all with one big common denominator: “An extreme passion and love for their profession.”

From age fifteen I worked around the camera in film, television and photography productions and from 2010 I was trained as an Image Consultant. I gave consultations in my company Stralend for 12 years and worked as a colour stylist according to the classic colour and styling rules within which I put together the business, casual and gala attire.

Despite my studies (Film Studies at the University of Amsterdam, Portrait Photography, Scenario Documentary and Art History) which were in fact quite focused on history, content and images, I only got the answer to the question “what is a true Image” after a deep transition through even more meticulous observations of nature. Colours, contrasts, light, materials, composition, depth effect, connection and above all LOVE; it was all there.

Out of strict respect for this nature, I strive to work as sustainably as possible. And it is possible.

It is my mission to help you out with a strong, effective and above all distinctive wardrobe. A style with which you feel comfortable and safe. A styling with which you communicate what you like to communicate and with which you do not betray your true authenticity.

Hence the name “Blueprint Styling”.

Be welcome,



The painter Paul Joseph Constantin Gabriël regularly went out to see and paint the famous Dutch landscapes.

The Dutch light and flat landscapes inspired him to paint in the open air. He found simplicity and clarity which is beautifully reflected in this inspiring composition with typical Dutch clouds, their reflections in the water and the windmill with his straight ditches. 

Original windmills are extremely beautiful.

They are a symbol of sustainability, tranquility and craftsmanship. This is why “Blueprint Styling” became a sponsor of the Dutch windmills.

Do you also like to support the Dutch windmills? Than check https://www.molens.nl/word-molenvriend or try their wonderful tours.