If you like to make a truthful and reliable statement, consider planning your look.



If you like to make a truthful and reliable statement you’ll have to plan your look.

Your personal styling plan will underline your true identity and highlight your distinct nature.

In buying responsible items rather than focusing on trends, you will build up a wardrobe that stands the test of time. 

Your look is in fact just a matter of your perfect fabrics and your personal colour plan. Feeling safe, confident, beautiful and comfortable. Always and everywhere. Building a bridge between who you are and what you are bringing to this world.

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Colour analyses and personal stylingplan

Also for you there is a specific colour and styling plan available. Working in multicultural Amsterdam I have been able to provide an international community with the right colours from day one. Read more

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Business Attire Female

As a woman, you are often judged by your appearance. That shouldn’t be the case, but the trick is to remain feminine and still make a strong statement.

That’s more than possible. A matching business colour-and styling plan can provide this.
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Couture is a valuable addition to your wardrobe. Some occasions call for couture. It doensn’t need to be a festive occasion to wear couture. Couture can also offer a stylish solution in your daily work. A good couture item is built on your own unique silhouette. A couturier is actually a sculptor with fabrics, and he pays attention to every detail to make you shine perfectly with love and dedication. An effective colour- and contrast plan gives direction to the right choices. Read more

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It may be that you like covering up because of your religion or for other reasons. The closer to the face and shoulders, the more precisely your fabrics, colours and contrasts should be. Read more

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Hairpieces can offer a solution for special occasions, but sometimes also for a better statement in everyday life. Sometimes you’ll just need a little extra. Read more

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Personal make-up

Your personal colour- and styling plan will provide you with a sparkling natural look. But sometimes you’ll be needing a little extra. A personal make-up could be a useful addition. I’m happy to support you with the right choices.

For special presentations or occasions, a team of make-up artists is at hand.

Soon available. Organic make-up.

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Personal Jewelry

Wearing matching jewelry underlines your own unique styling. A suitable piece of jewelry is recommended for every outfit, but it should be the perfect match with your personal demands and styling possibilities. Read more

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You were looking forward to it so much, but it's a big change. If you have just finished the night feeds, all the play dates, homework, etc., they start growing like a weed. There is a lot of rules involved and sometimes you are short of time and not enough hands to do the work. You obviously like to keep beautiful and radiant. Well, the good news is, yes you can. Read more

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Youth are of course beautiful. Unfortunately, they don’t often know this at their age. Teenage spots,  do I look more beautiful with curly hair or do I need hair extensions? Are my legs long enough? Is my nose straight enough? Uncertainties are certainly part of growing up, but now that we have Instagram, Tik Tok and Bold Glamour the youth are made even more insecure. Should we all aspire to Hollywood aspirations? Read more

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When fulfilling your Blueprint, you might be needing in addition to styling, some extra support. A team of specialists is at hand. Read more

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Personal Tailoring M/F

Personal tailoring is as the two words say strictly personal. Should it be business attire, casual wear or formal? Which lapel will it be, which shapes define who you are and in which fabrics do you feel most comfortable? Which colours and contrasts should we use? What message would you like to portray? A good business statement requires the right customization. Read more

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